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Our high-quality, good-for-you, results-driven products have shaped the Company’s identity and success.

Our Inception
With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, there are few people who have the sort of knowledge and experience Peter Lamas possesses. Mr. Lamas has been a hair stylist and makeup artist to some of the world’s most recognized names and faces from among Hollywood royalty, the music industry and high society. Today Peter Lamas products are found on the sets of many television programs on the major networks, used by leading actors & actresses.

Peter has seen firsthand the detrimental effect that chemicals, additives and abrasives, found in many skin and hair care products, can have on people. It is with this understanding that Peter became committed to creating his own line of premium, clean beauty care, free of harsh chemicals. Each product is formulated with ingredients shown to nurture, not harm. Dry, brittle, lifeless hair regains its luster and strength. Dull, damaged skin becomes revitalized and refreshed.

Best of Nature & Science
Within the world of beauty care, our brand is a standout due to its smart ingredient story. Our proprietary formulations are built to allow higher percentages of unique, high-potency ingredients, designed to deliver premium results. Natural ingredients are blended with scientific principles, creating a product that’s clinically efficacious while maintaining the best of nature. Our brand addresses the full complement of personal care needs in a simple, elegant and professionally effective set of products.

Product Efficacy
Based on a singular, focused mission: creating trusted, high-performance beauty products that blend natural ingredients with scientific principles. High levels of active ingredients create exciting products that deliver clinical level performance.

Mr. Lamas formulates the majority of the Company’s products himself, alongside top-tier beauty industry R&D labs. The Company’s formulations are proprietary and protected trade secrets. While many brands use trace amounts of active ingredients which allows them to make marketing claims, the Peter Lamas line goes head-to-head with medical brands on efficacy, due to our products’ high levels of actives, delivering clinical-level performance.

Beauty Without Compromise
All Peter Lamas products are 100% vegan & cruelty-free. We ensure our products do not contain harmful chemicals or unnecessary additives by emphasizing the use of natural ingredients and organic botanicals. Our entire collection is paraben, SLS, and petrochemical-free for effective products that deliver on their promise.

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