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Facial Treatment and Recipe Guide Offer

Overnight Age-Defying Facial Treatment + The Forever Beautiful Recipe Guide
(For A Limited-Time Only -- Details Below)
A FREE bottle of Peter Lamas'
Overnight Age-Defying Facial Treatment!

That's a $54 value, and it's yours if you want it today!

I absolutely ADORE this product, and the company behind it.

It's 100% paraben-free, without any of the toxic chemicals found in store-bought beauty creams...

... FREE from the poisons that age you faster and damage your skin.

And I'm not finished:

I also want you
to have this:

The Forever Beautiful Recipe Guide!

Now you can get my collection of anti-aging recipes that are absolutely delicious...

... with foods and meal plans your entire family will love...


The Beauty of Food uses unique combinations of ordinary foods as age-renewing topical treatments...

...however, I've found that these specific combinations of foods help you slow the signs of aging and even kick-start natural weight loss.

This helps you look and feel your very best!

So I really want you to have access to these recipes as well!

The Forever Beautiful Recipe Guide retails for $45.95, but I want you to accept it free of charge, as my gift to you today.

Now you may be wondering why I'm giving you a chance to pick up $99.95 in free gifts today.

So allow me to share why I'm doing this:

You have everything you need to get started on your path toward a more natural, healthy, beautiful YOU.

The Beauty of Food has helped tens of thousands of women from all ages turn back the hands of time...

... and I'm 100% confident you'll fall in LOVE with these beauty secrets from ages past!

However, after talking to hundreds of raving fans of The Beauty of Food, I began to notice a specific pattern:

Many of my gals wanted a head start...

They wanted to see results EVEN FASTER...

And they were desperate for beauty products that were Beauty of Food CERTIFIED...

Products you know you can trust.

It took me many years to find the ideal products...

... and to verify that they worked as well as advertised.

I'm thrilled to announce that this is it:

The Overnight Age-Defying Facial Treatment does more than defy age...

... it defies belief!

And you never have to worry about skin-damaging parabens or chemicals ever again!

So I really wanted to assemble the ultimate beauty kit for my most impatient customers...

... and if you're anything like me... THAT'S YOU.

Hey, it's okay to be impatient when it comes to your appearance.

Life is short, and we want to live it to the fullest, right?

That's why I want to talk to you about the most important part of your new beauty regimen.

This will be of immediate interest to you since you want the fastest results in the least amount of time.

As vital as your face treatment is...

... and as critical as these age-renewing recipes are...

... there's one area of your body that deserves the most attention.

I'm speaking about the windows of your soul... your eyes.

Consider this:

When you look at someone, what's the first thing you notice?

And what stands out when you're engaged in conversation with them?

It's their eyes...

Yes men DO notice a woman's breasts the first time they meet her (but not until after they have appreciated her eyes and smile)

  • 70% of men reportedly notice a woman's eyes first
  • These are followed by her smile then her breasts in order
  • Hair and weight are the next to be noticed by men
  • Women also notice eyes first in a man, followed by his smile and his height

Eyes, smile and breasts are the first things a man notices in a woman, in that order according to a new survey.

The check list emerged amid a look at men's impressions of women they meet for the first time, or pass in the street and vice versa.

The results show that the stereotypical guy with eyes for only one thing seems to be disappearing, and a more soulful modern man is taking his place.

And men everywhere agree.

A fascinating study revealed that 70% of men are drawn to your eyes FIRST.

And even more intriguing:

"The stereotypical guy with eyes for only one thing seems to be disappearing... and a more soulful modern man is taking his place."

This is fantastic news for women everywhere...

... IF your eyes are truly the best reflection of your inner beauty.

I have always placed emphasis on the skin around my eyes.

In Persian culture, a woman's eyes are by far their most alluring feature...

... and "Aging Eyes" as we call it are a sign of a woman who is growing older and more unhappy as the years pass on.

However, once you begin renewing the skin around your eyes...

... and softening the crows feet and fine lines surrounding them...

The world takes notice.

People often don't know WHY you look so much younger...

... only that you do.

And one more thing:

While you probably enjoy dressing you best and staying in good shape...

... it turns out that your eyes are the secret to your sensual attraction.

So it only makes sense to give your eyes additional loving care.

That's why I just have to pass this deal on to you today:

Peter Lamas has the most outstanding Eye Serum I've ever seen.

It's called Firm & Lift: Age-Defying Eye Serum!

Firm and Lift does exactly what the name suggests:

It helps firm up the skin surrounding your eyes, making you look years younger...

... and gives the appearance of an "eye lift" by replenishing the youthful moisture and collagen health you used to have.

This combination works wonders for your eyes... and your overall beauty.

Normally a 60-day supply of Firm & Lift retails for $80...

... and that's a VERY fair price for the results women everywhere are experiencing.

However, as a Beauty of Food VIP customer, you get perks.

And one of those perks is my Peter Lamas VIP Discount.

So today, if you take advantage BEFORE this video comes to a close...

... you can get your very own 60-day supply of Firm & Lift Eye Serum..


... for only $64.95!

This saves you OVER $15 off the retail price!

PLUS I'm going to pay for your Age-Defying Skin Cream for you!

AND toss in my Forever Beautiful Recipe Guide...


That's a total retail value of $179.95...

... all for the stunningly low price of just $64.95!

Just click the button below this video now to instantly add these 3 "rapid beauty" enhancers to YOUR ORDER...

... and do it before this video ends and I have to pass this offer on to the next lucky lady in line.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to greatly accelerate your journey to the most beautiful you possible...

... however, I must insist that you act now to claim it.

That's only fair.

Speaking of fair, I'd like to put your mind at total ease.

Unlike store-bought beauty creams that often contain chemicals known to dry out and age your skin...

... these products are absolutely PURE.

And Peter Lamas stands behind this promise...

... and your TOTAL satisfaction.

That's why you have 60 days to see the results for yourself.

Over the next 60 days, if you do not notice...

... Visibly younger looking skin...

... A noticeable improvement in the appearance of your eyes...

... Diminished fine lines and crow's feet...

... And a more radiant glow..

... simply send the unused portion of your products back and you will get a 100% money-back refund minus shipping.

I only recommend companies and products I stand behind... and that I know personally. This way, you know your investment is safe and you are guaranteed a refund if you ask for one.

...and nothing comes with my higher recommendation than these wonderful beauty enhancers!

Oh, and one more thing:

These are great "hurry-out-the-door" beauty boosters!

I find myself in a hurry a lot these days.

I'm sure you do too.

So while I may not have the time to eat perfectly every day...

... or put on my makeup just right...

... or put together an outfit that looks like I have a fashion consultant...

... I always have time for these super-fast Beauty Serums!

They are SO SIMPLE to use... and so quick.

Now you never have to leave the house without knowing for SURE you look your absolute BEST!

Click the "YES" button you see below right now.

I'll make sure you get it all... and we'll ship it to you IMMEDIATELY.

No thanks. I realize most beauty products actually destroy my skin and contain harmful chemicals and parabens that alter my hormones.

I'm going to pass on this one-time offer and I agree to pay the full retail price of $179.95 in the future if I decide to order at a later date.

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