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Stylist In a Bottle | Ultra Volumizing Mist w/ Hair Memory


  • A Salon Visit With Every Spray

    Stylist in a Bottle is a heat-activated, ultra-volumizing mist that memorizes the hairstyle you create. After just one application, hair holds its body, shape, and fullness without collapsing, frizzing, or feeling sticky. It’s the perfect “memory tool” for a shape that holds without a struggle.

    Run your fingers through your hair to activate the memory… hair bounces and springs back, remembering its perfectly volumized contours throughout the day and evening.

    One spray lasts all day. Brimming with nutrient-rich superfoods, nourishing vitamins, protective antioxidants, and the most recent advancements in the science of hair care, for an unforgettable improvement in volume, body, shine & manageability. Powered by Voluminis, a potent hair volumizing active, Stylist in a Bottle creates an unforgettable improvement in volume, body, and shine—in fact, get ready to see more volume than you ever expected!

    Used with a blow dryer, this ultra-volumizing “memory mist” amps up manageability, easily letting you form, achieve, and maintain the hairstyle and shape you desire. You’ll look like you just left the hair salon… all day long.

    • Volumizes
    • Memorizes
    • Detangles
    • Tames
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Key Benefits

  • Volumizes, memorizes, detangles, and tames
  • Advanced Hair Memory technology helps safeguard and hold the hair design you styled
  • Helps hair hold its body, shape & fullness
  • Adds silky body, bounce, and shine while maintaining shape and structure
  • Smooths frizz and split ends
  • Preserves hair color and protects against signs of UV damage

Key Ingredients

  • Voluminis:

    Hydrates and volumizes, helping hair look and feel fuller, with exceptional volume, shape, and hold

  • Kale, Carrot, and Lemon Compound:

    Conditions, moisturizes, and enhances manageability while protecting hair shaft and hair color against oxidative damage and environmental pollutants

  • Indian Cress and Watercress:

    Complex derived from nasturtium and watercress leaves, with hair-perfecting minerals and amino acids to improve hair strength, fullness, and volume

  • Vitamin B5:

    Helps retain moisture, adds sheen, smooths hair cuticles, protects chemically-treated hair, and prevents breakage from brushing, curling and straightening

  • Oat Proteins:

    Rich in omega fatty acids and polysaccharides to soften, hydrate, and help make hair more resilient against damage and breakage.

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