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The Dance of Life

We are constantly making and re-making our bodies. Each of our cells is a local concentration of information and energy.

The body is a process and as long as the process is directed toward renewal, the cells of the body remain new, no matter how much disorder we are exposed to.

To have a renewed body you must be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions and a higher conscious of living.

Mental and physical neglect promotes premature aging. A balanced lifestyle is one of the most important steps towards slowing the aging process.

I feel there is no higher life purpose than trying to open your awareness. Once you become consciously aware of just how powerful your thoughts are you will realize everything in your life is exactly how you allow it to be…you are the creator of your own reality.

The desire to be attractive is a basic human instinct but wanting to look good goes beyond the need to attract a mate. It’s become a necessity as we all struggle to achieve our career goals.

If one denies the desire to be attractive, you’re probably unaware of your inherent potential. Making excuses about why we can’t do something positive for ourselves.

Psychologists have concluded that those who look and feel their best are happier and tend to live longer than those who don’t.